Nurulain Rafiel – Irresponsible Investigation Officer

Nurulain Rafiel is an irresponsible investigation officer from SPF.

I reported a case of molest.

Throughout the whole investigation process, she did not provide a single update and I had to email her every 6 months to ask for updates. I often had to send 2 emails in order to get her to reply me.

When I met her at AGC for an interview, she kept on asking about my overseas life and later ask me “Do you still remember the case?”

During the interview with DPP, she sat beside the DPP and kept on giving uncomfortable expressions when I talked about the incident.

After that, she told me she will give me a call to inform the results. But she never did.

The perpetrator was let off with a warning and I was not informed. 7 months later after he was let off, I submitted a feedback form on SPF’s website as Nurulain Rafiel was ignoring my email. She then called me and told me the perpetrator was let off long ago. She said she sent me a letter. When I said I did not receive, she said “Alamak, I send you again?”

I don’t think she should be a police officer. There are other jobs which allow you to slack.